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We are architects, artists and thinkers.


Here are some of our completed projects and works in progress. Our body of work continues to grow and we will be updating this section continuously. Please contact us for more information regarding any of these projects or your pertaining needs.

Our mission is to craft environments that inspire action, collaboration and innovation.

Interior Architecture
Brand Design


A successful interior space is able to communicate the vision of the brand, service and organization while meeting the needs of its users and elevating the experience of its visitors. Our team works tirelessly to provide our clients a strategic approach to their environments. Collective Architecture is a full service interior design studio that crafts experiences and delivers targeted solutions. We offer a wide range of services tailored uniquely to each client. The pursuit of cutting edge, sustainable and efficient solutions is is the focus of our creative process. The following list of services can shape your project into a successful design solution and add value to your organization or business.

Interior Architecture

Collective Architecture designs for work, support and entertainment. Interior environments are a crucial component of performance, productivity and well being, as well as an investment in the growth of your business. Our team understands the necessary elements to create an engaging and efficient interior space that enhances your business.

Our team works collectively to deliver innovative solutions that positively impact performance, sustainability and comfort. Our projects range from offices to restaurants, financial institutions to branding, government spaces, and entertainment venues.


Every architectural project contains the elements of visual and graphic implementation. Collective Architecture narrates the story of your interior environment into a system that complements the project as well as informs the end users. Whether it is a mural, signage, identity development or environmental graphics, our brand design services deliver the materiality and message to complete any project. Our brand design services give each project a unique story worth spreading.


Change is inevitable. We partner with our clients to make better decisions that help support their people, brand, organization and business goals. With ample experience in programming, real estate, and facilities, we can provide efficient and actionable solutions that impact not only the decision making process but the future impact of the business or organization.

As consultants, we partner with you in figuring out how to grow with flexibility, down size strategically, repositioning, relocation, and strategic planning.

we craft experiences.

Located in Georgetown in Washington DC, Collective Architecture is a dynamic design studio specializing in Interior Design. Our process engages people visually and spatially in hospitality, workplace, financial institutions, government and retail projects. Our mission is to create environments that can inspire action, collaboration and innovation.

We partner with organizations to help them grow. Our design approach values the stories and vision of our clients. It is through well crafted stories that actions are inspired; these stories continue to drive our studio’s passion for architectural expression. Every word, image, detail, form and void is carefully crafted and tailored to enhance and fulfill our client’s needs.



Alex began his Architecture and Interior Design career with some of the leading firms in the nation. Alex has focused his skills and experience on corporate, hospitality and retail projects. With a keen eye for details, Alex teaches in and outside of the studio while leading young talent to deliver innovative solutions. A born mentor, Alex pushes the envelope in Architecture and Interior Design.



With over 20 years of experience in Commercial Architecture and  Interior Design in the DC area, Charles knowledge of the Washington DC real estate market, developers and brokers is extensive. As a business and visionary leader, he understands the unique needs of his clients. Charles client base ranges from large corporations such as BET, significant owner and developers such as Clarion Partners and The Akridge Company.

We trust not only our experience and team members but our instinct.
We believe that passion is a key driver of our process and we embrace it.

Alex Hurtado


Collective Architecture brought passion and a great sense of detail to my
vision. The team exceeded my expectations and  took it to a new level.

Matt Krimm
Owner  |  Drapper’s Tobacco